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Smart Money helps entrepreneurs and companies raise capital to fund startup and existing business enterprises. We allow ordinary individuals to become equity investors in projects they are excited and passionate about. Smart Money helps individuals across the country invest as little as $100 in entrepreneurs and opportunities they believe in. Investment opportunities cover a wide range of industries and sectors including startup companies, software, fintech, real estates, technology, entertainment and more. Now you too can be an early investor in what just may be the next big thing.

Issuer Features

Robust issuer dashboard, document management, tracking & comprehensive reporting tools.

Purpose Built

Fully integrated end-to-end system .


Interoperability with 3rd-party applications and services.

Payment Gateways

Integrated payment gateways.

High Liquidity

Integrated platform for easy trading and transfer tools.

Programmable Rights

Allows you to easily embed additional features such as dividends, buybacks, vesting, etc.

Investment Management Tools

Tools, distribution platform to track, manage transactions.

Asset Ownership

Investors are able to take ownership.

Short Time To Market

Short time to setting up efficient, scalable offerings.


Entrepreneurs Welcome

Are you an entrepreneur looking for capital for your startup or capital to expand your existing enterprise? You can use the funds to increase sales, hire talent, grow your brand, engage your community and more. You can raise up to $5 million from investors who believe in you and your company. Reach out to Smart Money to find out how.


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